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Physics Computer Use Policy


To guide the deployment of computers and network devices within the Department of Physics, to ensure a reliable and uniform connection for computers that will be used within the department, and to maintain the security and integrity of the Physics network.


This applies to all computers and network devices that wish to be attached to the Department of Physics physical network.

Physics Department Computer Use Policy

All computers must follow the university computer policy. This means that all machines must have the current security updates, managed virus software and a secure password.

If all you need is internet access and have wireless on your machine you need to connect to the K-State wireless network.

All devices which are to be connected to the Physics network must be checked by PCSC for the installation of security updates and managed antivirus software. If running a Windows OS they must be joined to our domain for security reasons. Windows Home versions cannot be joined to a domain, so they are not an acceptable OS.

Departmentally Funded Computers and Devices

Only departmentally funded machines will be allowed to connect to the Physics network. The only exceptions to this are laptops, which must follow the laptop policy. Windows Business, Pro and Ultimate versions and Scientific Linux will be the only operating systems supported by PCSC.

Windows Machines

All Windows desktop machines will run Business, Pro or Ultimate versions and be members of the domain.

PCSC will register the machine; manage security updates and virus software.

Linux Machines

Linux is designated as a research platform and is not supported as a desktop environment. Scientific Linux is the Linux of choice and it will be managed by PCSC. If Linux is used as a desktop environment support will be given only as time permits.