Get temporary, local administrative credentials to install software.

Software Installation Request:

We allow authenticated users to request a temporary set of local administrative credentials to install their own professional, work-related software with. These credentials are computer and user specific, only good for 24 hours and can only be used to install software; you cannot login with these.

Before making a request, please make sure that the software you're interested in isn't already available. Windows users should look at the list in the "Run Advertised Programs" application on their Start menu (see our tutorial). Trying to install other versions of those programs will probably break something, so don't do it. You should also be installing professional applications that you have rights to, not your favorite game or pirate warez.

The computer must be turned on and must be connected to the network before you make the request! Both the source installation file and the target folder for the new application must be on a local drive, not on the desktop or a network drive.

To use these credentials, start your software installer while logged in under your own account. When Windows challenges you for administrative credentials, use the username ".\ladmin" and the password that we give you. You should then be able to proceed with the installation.

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