All laptops must follow the Physics Department Laptop Use Policy.
The work order is also available in printable Acrobat (pdf) format.

Laptop Work Request:

All laptop work is done on an "as time allows" basis with a one hour minimum charge for all work. This includes helping with the general functions of your laptop (i.e. display to presentation mode, power settings, hibernation). Laptops must be left with the power cord and an admin password.

Hardware problems are limited to batteries, memory and hard drives.

Reinstalling the OS without saving old data when you have a repair partition is one hour. Reinstalling the OS without saving old data when you do NOT have a repair partition is two hours. You will be charged an extra hour or more if you want your data saved.

If replacing a working hard drive with a new one there is a $50 data transfer fee to move the data off of your old hard drive to a new one and the hardware installation fee will be waived.

Installing software: If you have a legitimate license for the software, we will lend you the media to install it, but if the disk is not returned within 3 days you will be charged one hour of labor for us to make another disk. You will be charged at the normal rate if we install the software for you.

We will work on personally owned laptops if a professor agrees beforehand to pay for it and verifies that it will benefit the Physics Department.

Under the work at home agreement Microsoft office may be installed without a license fee on the personally owned machine of anyone who is paid to work for the Physics Department. (installation rates apply).

A $50-per-hour fee with a one-hour minimum applies.

Having read both the above and the departmental usage policy, please use the following form to request laptop work. You may also print and submit the Acrobat (pdf) version.

First (Given) Name:
Last (Family) Name:
IDR/PO Number:
Required before work begins.
Approving Professor's Name:
Other Notes or Requests: